About Us

Our Mission 

Welcome to DirtFreeWater.com; we are glad you joined us on our journey to serve Dirt Free Water to the world. 

We want to educate people by providing them with troubleshooting guides for the system, curating information regarding water resource management, reviewing products to purify the waters, and much more. 

How we Help You? 

We identify that daily, people struggle with a lot of water impurities issues, and few companies help us out with their products to make water dirt free from minerals. 

By cutting the noise on the web, we identify the problems at the core of water softener systems and then solve the problem by providing a well-researched guide. 

The content on this site is made by putting in hundreds of hours in research, curating the research information, and writing it in an easy manner, then fact-checking twice so that everyone can understand it. 

Our Team 

Michael Elliot 

Michael started his career in plumbing in 1998, here onwards, working in one of the biggest plumbing companies in Houston, he got aware of water treatment systems. From then, he spent most of his time installing and repairing water softeners, water filters, etc. 

His overall experience of playing with water softeners is around 15 years, and he knows the ins and outs of the whole system. He will guide us in troubleshooting water softener issues and recommend the best for our family. 

Katharina Davis

Her forte is thinking and strategizing about complex issues. With 15+ years of multidisciplinary experience, including 10+ years working on climate change, water, and development policy and planning, she is a sustainability professional with extensive expertise.

The Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies, Geneva, trained me as a political economist. I also earned two graduate degrees from NYU in public policy and urban planning and at the University of Barcelona in City Resilience Design and Management.

She keeps up with emerging issues and trends by reading widely and attending lectures continuously. Currently, Katharina is pursuing a training course in WATER RISK ASSESSMENTS, which examines physical, governance, and financial risks. She will do the proofreading for the articles here. 

Our In-depth Research Process 

This is where we stand unique from other websites on the internet.

We have a special team of researchers, writers, proofreaders, and product testers. Firstly we understand the need of the user according to that, we suggest the best solution or suitable products for them. 

After investing most of our time in researching and product testing, we still believe there is much more to explore and learn. New products come into the market, and we need to understand their usage capability. 

For this, we have survey specialists who carry out surveys related to the products and issues customers faces, talk to owners of the system, understand what can be better; and according to that, we guide our readers on DirtFreeWater.com