How to Add Salt to Water Softener

How to add Salt to Water Softener? [Expert’s Guide]

The only way your water softener works is by adding salt to it. 

Salt helps exchange ions, which softens the water and makes it safer to drink.

Locating the brine tank and filling it with salt is basically how you add salt to your water softener.

Let’s dive in for proper instructions and ways of adding salt to your water softener.

Importance of Adding Salt to Water Softener on time

Adding salt to water softeners is like adding fuel to your vehicle! 

One simply can’t work if the other is not present.

Water softeners have a resin tank and also a brine tank. 

Resin tanks have the function of using plastic beads to soften the water.

The brine tank performs the whole regeneration process, which means using salt and water to clean the resin tank periodically.

The brine tank flows through the resin tank, triggering a reverse process of ion exchanges.

Every few days, you must refill the brine tank with salt to ensure that mineralized water comes out of the tank safely.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Salt to Water Softener 

Start off by locating the brine tank of your water softener.

Then, here are 7 steps that you need to follow to add salt to your water softener.

Don’t worry, the steps are very easy and simple. They are –

  1. Make sure you buy the type of salt that dissolves without taking any time. (Buy pellets form of salts if possible)
  2. To add salt to your water softener, turn off your water softener before you inspect and open up the brine tank.
  3. After opening the brine tank, check how much salt is in the tank. Get it above the halfway mark, at least. (The amount of salt needs to be higher than the amount of water)
  4. Break any salt bridges that may have formed or have started forming. (Usage of the long-handled broom or even a stick is recommended)
  5. The salt may have started mushing if you fail to clean the brine tank. Somewhat of a muddy sludge will form, not letting water flow freely. (If the sludge is not cleaned, the clogs will unnecessarily raise water levels.)
  6. Since you have now cleaned and even broken the salt bridge(s), you can now, without any hassle add salt. Do not shy away from adding the salt, be generous and add as much as you can. (Do not ever fill salt up to the brim of the tank)
  7. Now, wait around 2 hours or slightly more to ensure your water softener has finished regeneration. Then, turn the switch back on and sit back and let your water softener put out the freshwater perfectly.

You have correctly added the salt, and now the brine solution will clean all the resin beds and take care of all the hard minerals piled up. 

Adding Salt to Water Softener
Adding Salt to Water Softener

How do you Reset the tank after adding Salt to Water Softener? 

Reset your salt level indicator every time you add salt to your water softener.

For this, keep holding the “RECHARGE” button for at least 3 seconds or until “RECHARGE NOW” flashes which means the recharge has started.

The brine will be drawn into the water softener through this recharge, and once again, your water softener will start giving off freshwater.


When to add salt to Water Softener? 

After checking in with your brine tank, you will know how much salt is present in it or if it needs to be refilled.

It is recommended that a salt bag be added at the beginning of every month in the brine tank of your water softener.

How long does it take for Water Softener to work after adding Salt? 

Water softener generally takes about 2 hours (a few minutes here and there) before its regeneration cycle kicks in. 

After this, your water softener will start performing perfectly.

What happens if my Water Softener goes out of Salt? 

If your water softener runs out of salt, it will likely cause long-term damage and even cause fixtures issues with your water.

You can even face the issue of overflowing your water softener’s tank(s).